A downloadable tool for Windows and macOS

Sometimes, soothing sounds surround.

DroneMachine is a procedural ambient music creation tool for Unity3d based on the priciples behind phase music. That's a fancy way of saying that it lets you quickly create endless, non-repeating music that responds to your game. Place synthesizer objects and key change triggers in a scene, and DroneMachine takes care of the rest.

DRONE MACHINE IS NOW OPEN SOURCE! GET IT FREE HERE: https://github.com/derelictcomputer/DroneMachine


  • Create endless, non-repeating, positional ambient music in minutes
  • Modify individual synthesizer settings to find your game's signature sound
  • Place key change/speed triggers to accentuate important events, locations, and characters
  • Generate custom synthesizer wavetables to further dial in your sound

Audio Examples

Platform Support

DroneMachine v0.4 and up supports Windows, Mac, and iOS.

Drone Machine v0.3.2 supports Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android. Note that this version uses managed C# for synthesis code, and will not perform as well as newer versions, which use native C++.

It's possible for either version to support other platforms, but it may take some work (and developer access for platforms like PS4). Please contact me directly if you have any questions about this.

Unity Version Support

DroneMachine was built and tested in Unity 5.3. Due to some major changes in the latest version, the package may not work in earlier versions.


The DroneMachine Manual is available online via Google Docs.


DroneMachine_0.4.3.unitypackage 428 kB
DroneMachine v0.3.2 (Unity package) 389 kB
Demo 1 - Mac 13 MB
Demo 1 - Windows 12 MB
DroneMachine_GettingStarted_MacUniversal.zip 23 MB
DroneMachine_GettingStartedDemo_Winx64.zip 12 MB
DroneMachine_GettingStartedDemo_Winx86.zip 10 MB